About Us

Founded in 1960 by Robert W. Kohn, the Kohn Law Firm S.C. is an award-winning and nationally recognized debt collection law firm that concentrates its practice primarily on credit card, municipal, medical and various other types of consumer debt, as well as repossession actions and insurance subrogation claims.  The firm covers the entire states of Wisconsin and Illinois for its clients, which consist primarily of large national credit issuers and debt buyers, but also include local municipalities and other retail businesses and service providers.

The Kohn Law Firm’s success can be attributed to its staff, its technology and its commitment to compliance.

STAFF:  The Kohn Law Firm provides a service to its clients, not tangible, physical items.  It is the work of the firm’s staff that is the firm’s “product.”  That product cannot be reproduced simply by duplicating documents, systems or procedures.  Therefore, one of the firm’s primary focuses is the hiring, training and retention of experienced and qualified staff.  That staff is currently comprised of 15 attorneys and approximately 125 employees, organized into individual departments headed by managers with skills and experience well suited to the roles of their particular departments.

TECHNOLOGY:  The Kohn Law Firm utilizes Collection Master as its primary collection and litigation software, which allows for the electronic handling of virtually all phases of account collection, including lawsuit – from intake and first demand to the documentation of telephone contacts, payments and legal proceedings.  High volume electronic data exchange between the firm and its clients is accomplished seamlessly by means of either the firm’s familiarity with many of the national data networks, or the firm’s capability of working with an individual client’s proprietary system.  The integrity of its IT systems and data entrusted to the firm is ensured by rigid security standards and disaster recovery procedures.

COMPLIANCE:  A key component of the Kohn Law Firm’s success and longevity has been its commitment to compliance with the laws governing debt collection and the legal profession, as well as compliance with its clients’ requirements and expectations.  With regard to legal compliance, the firm adheres strictly to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the Wisconsin Consumer Act, submits annual trust account reports to the Office of Lawyer Regulation, and has good working relationships with all such regulatory agencies and the consumer bar.  But beyond simply complying with the law, the firm promotes a philosophy of professionalism, respect and courtesy when dealing with its clients’ customers.  As for client compliance, the firm regularly passes with high grades many rigorous client audits, conducted both remotely and on-site.  Those audits closely scrutinize the firm’s work quality and financial procedures, as well as legal compliance as described above.  The successes in both legal and client compliance can be attributed to the early creation of a dedicated “Compliance Department” within the firm.