January 2015

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By Rob Potrzebowski, President 
The Kohn Law Firm is currently in its 55th year of operations in the heart of downtown Milwaukee. Over all those years, it has employed hundreds of Milwaukee residents. In addition, all of the firm’s staff members enjoy the city’s many amenities, from its highly regarded bus system to its many restaurants, attractions and more. And for the last two decades, the City of Milwaukee itself has been a highly valued client of the firm.
Therefore, the Kohn Law Firm has always felt the need to give back to its hometown community. It has done so over the years in many ways. First, it allows each of its employees to spend paid time volunteering to help local charitable causes. In addition, the firm itself has made many monetary donations to local charities, including the Hunger Task Force and local efforts involved in the fight against juvenile diabetes, heart disease and the like. In 2014, the firm made its largest such contribution when it donated $50,000 to the City of Milwaukee’s “Operation Impact” program.
Operation Impact is just one part of a broader initiative named “I Pledge Milwaukee,” a multi-faceted effort launched by city officials for the purpose of improving public safety on the streets of Milwaukee. Specific components of Operation Impact include additional lighting and cameras in city alleyways, the implementation of “shot spotter” technology in areas of high crime, and the funding of police overtime to add beat patrols to areas most in need of such assistance.
There is little doubt that the Operation Impact efforts are providing immediate and significant benefits. For example, a local news story recently documented the fact that alley cameras paid for and installed by Operation Impact funding were successfully used to apprehend a burglary suspect:
And there have been other success stories. But perhaps the most important benefit has been the improved peace of mind these safety upgrades have provided to City of Milwaukee residents.
The Kohn Law Firm is both happy and proud to have been the most significant corporate contributor to this important initiative. We consider it another “Thank You” to the hometown that has been so good to us for so many years.
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