January 2017

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By: Jason D. Hermersmann, Litigation Manager

          We are pleased to announce that Attorney Joseph Johnson and Attorney Maria Lewis have become shareholders at the Kohn Law Firm.  In addition, we are happy to announce the addition of four new attorneys to the Kohn Law Firm staff over the past year.  We have added Ellen French in our Compliance Department. Tyler Helsel and Charles Fiergola have joined the Litigation Group and Kirk Emick has joined the Post-Judgment Group. 
          Joseph Johnson started working at the Kohn Law Firm in February 2010.  He graduated from the University of Wisconsin Law School in 2006.  He has been a valuable attorney in the Litigation Group handling consumer litigation since joining the firm and, most recently, has been the lead attorney in the firm’s municipal litigation practice.  On December 1, 2015, he was promoted to a supervisory role in the Litigation Group overseeing the consumer litigation and became a non-equity partner.  Joe became a shareholder at the beginning of this year.  Joe has earned respect at the firm through his hard work and dedication to the practice.  He has also been instrumental in assisting the firm in training and mentoring new attorneys.  When Joe is not practicing law, he enjoys spending time with his family and is an avid sports fan, cheering for both the Badgers and Packers. 
             Maria Lewis started working at the Kohn Law Firm in February 2011.  She graduated from Hamline Law School in May 2010.  She began her career in the Litigation Group handling files across the state of Wisconsin. In June 2014, she joined the firm’s Compliance Department as an attorney handling client audits and ensuring that the firm complies with various client requirements.  She has since become the manager of the Compliance Department and is relied on extensively by the attorneys and management at the firm.  When Maria is not practicing law and managing the compliance department, she enjoys spending time with her family, interior decorating and relaxing at the family cabin.  
           We appreciate the contributions of both Joe and Maria throughout the years and look forward to the future with them as part of the ownership group.  Furthermore, we welcome the important additions of Tyler, Ellen, Charles and Kirk as they build their careers and anticipate a successful 2017.      

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